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Notoriously Biggie Sized Coogi Sweaters

Notoriously Biggie Sized Coogi Sweaters

Top Consignment Picks for March, 2014

Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can’t you see? Sometimes your sweaters just hypnotize me. 

Check out this fresh lot of extra-large Coogi sweaters that are about to drop on eBay.

You’re looking at a serious collection, from the chunky cardigan to the woven silk crew – all in excellent condition.

Coogi (aka Cuggi) is an Australian brand that gained major exposure when…

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Q&A: Budget Black Tie

Q&A: Budget Black Tie


cufflinks secondhand formalwear black tieHello,

I was recently invited to an event that curiously specified “white/black tie” and have opted to go the black tie route for future versatility.

I have been to many stores in the Twin Cities area and am often met with blank stares when I start talking about black tie attire. I was shocked that many do not know what a peak lapel is.

As I am still something of a student, I thought it…

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How to Quickly De-Wrinkle Your Silk Ties

How to Quickly De-Wrinkle Your Silk Ties

Removing Stubborn Wrinkles From A Silk Tie

can you steam a silk neck tie?

High quality silk will spring back even after repeated tying. But sometimes you’ll get a wrinkle or fold from improper storage, shipping or traveling. Here’s how to remove it.

Steps to remove tie wrinkles:
  1. Turn on your steam iron and hold it about 6 inches from the tie, but do not directly apply it.
  2. Allow the steam to waft around it for about 1…

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